Over the Summer

At the beginning of the summer we went on our last holiday as a family of three. I would have probably enjoyed it a lot more had i not been SO pregnant. Saying that we did have a great time and somehow managed the 6 hour car journey with a travel sick toddler.We stayed in a cabin in Cornwall and i think going in the first week of June we timed it perfectly, any warmer and i would have cried! The holiday was booked before falling pregnant with baby number two, so we were extremely lucky that was it not booked for July and was a UK holiday otherwise it would have been cancelled.

We spent the following few weeks enjoying the sunshine, seeing family and just generally taking life slow. Soon the chaos of a newborn would be upon us again. I cut it pretty fine this time going on maternity leave just two weeks before my scheduled Cesarean but i felt confident we had everything planned. Unfortunately less than a week in and The Pig got chicken pox! he did not take it well. It was 30 degrees and he was itchy and miserable, I was miserable, the only solution i could think of was to buy a blooming enormous paddling pool and spend the week turning ourselves into prunes and eating ice cream!

And finally she was here. A planned Cesarean was a very different experience, and no i’m not to posh to push, The Pig was 9lb12oz and ended up being a forceps delivery which caused a lot of damage to both of us. For this entire pregnancy i had growth scans as another large baby was expected and we discovered towards the end that she was also breech. Recovery was much easier this time, which says a lot about how bloody awful it was last time and i was back at home within 48 hours.

So what does life look like as a family of four? ¬†well the first few sleep deprived weeks were tough (who am i kidding i’m still sleep deprived i’m just used to it!) and any day when i can get them to nap at the same time is a win. Me and The Pig have enjoyed baking during our spare time and he is absolutely in love with his new sister. I’m now looking forward to my favorite time of year, especially Halloween crafts and foody fun.Xx



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