Dealing with a Reflux baby

As a parent of two reflux babies i have had my fair share of frustrated sleepless nights. Endless nights with everyone covered in sick and the air filled with screams. I tried different medications but i never really found anything that made much difference. I did however find that there are things you can do to manage their symptoms and make life a bit more bearable for everyone.


Handle with care!

Obviously everyone is careful with their new baby, but with reflux babies it is essential. Move baby slowly and carefully, especially when they have just been fed.Try not change their position too often if you don’t need to and be sure not to put any pressure on baby’s stomach. I can’t tell you the amount of times i have whipped my smiley baby out of bed for a cuddle, only to be given a rancid milk shower!

Get that wind up.

Wind is a reflux baby’s worst enemy! it is important to thoroughly wind your little one, i found sitting on my knee and gently patting  worked best. You can usually see by their squirmy unsettled behavior if they have wind, but it pays to keep them upright for a good 20 mins after a feed. That way you might find a few more burps pop up and it gives the milk a chance to settle.

To the left. To the left

As with adults suffering with heartburn, it is suggested that reflux babies lay on their left side when possible. I found that both of mine would throw up within minutes if put on their back (which is the suggested and safest way for babies to sleep). I have also recently developed the ability to change a nappy on the side, which is handy as my children love to poo as soon as they have finished their milk.


This outfit will only last a few hours, I will have to change my top at least once today and the washing basket has been full for a week. That is life with a reflux baby, it doesn’t last forever it just feels like it does! Its always nice to be well stocked with clean muslins or burp cloths but in a pinch pretty much anything will do, just wipe up and add it to the ever growing laundry mountain!

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